+90 324 502 01 11 or info@trison-polymers.com
+90 324 502 01 11 or info@trison-polymers.com

About Us

R&D, Technology

We use the latest technologies with fully automated equipments developed by Europe’s technology leader companies.

We are carrying out product customization focused R&D activities in our well equipped laboratory. We have an multidisciplinary R&D team consisting of different professions such as chemistry, chemical engineering, physics engineering, mechanics engineering and Information Technologies.

R&D Team is working on synthesizing different polymerizations in order to attain product development and product diversification.
To assure sharp accuracy of new recipies we use 1-10 lt pilot reactors. Pilot production enables us transferring recipes to production to minimize production costs and get higher quality.

In order to enhance long term sustainability we seek to develop environmental friendly products thanks to nano-technology.

R&D Department also works on ensuring compliance of our products with ISO, ASTM and DIN standarts.